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Fall Colours at Kiyomizudera (Karaoke Yoga)

Fall Colours at Kiyomizudera

Akane and I spent a few hours at Kiyomizudera, one of Kyoto's more spectacular temples. This is also the first temple I visited when we came to Kyoto in 2002 a few months before Riku was born.

Even though it was a Monday, the temple was very crowded. These were taken with my camera phone, so they're not great (and I even brought our "real" camera but forgot that I had ...).

30 November 2009

From our friends in Kyoto. Man, that looks amazing.

0% interest rate ... yikes!

So the Fed lowered the prime rate again to between 0% to 0.25%. While most folks may cheer about this, I believe it is a harbinger of some tough times ahead. Back in the early part of the decade, Japan cut its interest rates to 0% and that's where it remained for almost 6 years. Could that mean the US is in for a recession that could last that long. Not sure, but I think the optimists who think this is a half to one year long recession are deluding themselves. The circumstances of Japan's decade long recession are different so it's not an apples to apples comparison. However, Japan's recession was for the most part localized to Japan. The recession we are in now is a global recession that touches almost every country on the planet. If it took one country a decade to emerge from its recession (only to be caught up now in a global recession), how long will it take us to turn the corner?