Lots of Western food means more conbini store food for us

Niseko has a lot of foreign visitors (us included). What that means is that there is a fair amount of non-Japanese food throughout the town. There are a ton of western food spots like pizza, mexican food, etc. We even found a nearby "Off The Grid" style food truck area. Our breakfast at the hotel was pretty much San Francisco brunch fare with eggs benedict, avocado toast, etc. Nothing wrong with the flavor at all, just not what we came all the way to Japan to eat.

What that means is we've been spending a lot of time eating from the Seicomart, which is another conbini store similar to 7-11 or Lawson. Well prepared Japanese food both hot and cold that would rival any casual Japanese restaurant back in the States. And the prices can't be beat. About $5 for a huge fried chicken nanban over rice or a katsudon over rice. Made fresh daily too! We have probably dined from the conbini stores for more than half our meals here and without complaint.