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I'm glad that Google interview went south

Some time in early 2006, I did a phone interview for a position at Google. It was a pretty standard level job, something to do with AdSense/Adwords. At the time, I had just wrapped up my first start-up and was in need of a job. The interview was relatively short and I got the impression that I just wasn't Google material. Maybe I didn't pass the GPA threshold (I was told 3.5 and under need not apply) or maybe I just didn't leave a good impression with the interviewer - who knows. Needless to say, I did not get a follow-up.

Fast forward to today and the continued free fall of Google and others in the space...

As you can see, after its $20+ drop in the regular session, Google is down almost another $7 in after hours trading. Though still a powerhouse in search and with rock solid financials, the underlying issue will be how most of the employees who came on in that early 2006 time-frame will have options that are under water. Let's not even get into the folks who joined around late 2007 when they were trading at around $700. As a significant portion of their compensation packages go poof, these talented employees will start looking elsewhere. Also, recruiting new talent will become that much harder when a big part of your compensation is getting less and less valuable. And remember all those free meals? Looks like those are getting chopped, too. C'est la vie.

What would you do if you lost $30 billion?

Yahoo! is tanking on yesterday's confirmations from Jerry Yang and Steve Ballmer that the rumors of a new buy-out deal by Microsoft were indeed false. Yahoo!'s currently valued at about $16 billion, a far cry from the $46 billion that Microsoft had offered. The question now is, in this bad economic climate, how long will it take for Yahoo! (if at all) to reach that valuation on its own? 2 years? Maybe 4 years?

The big bet they are making is that YOS is going to blow up. I'm not necessarily sure being a platform translates into significantly higher reveneus/profits. It almost seems as if they want to get more people to interact with them in more of a Facebook style. To my knowledge, Facebook still hasn't found a way to effectively monetize all of its traffic.

I think they should take a page out of Google's book and copy AdSense but make it more open and transparent. As a former AdSense customer, it's a pretty cryptic system. "Just put this script up and trust that we'll pay you something." Yahoo! could improve upon this by treating publishers like partners and not kids. Yahoo! is at the point where they've got nothing to lose so why not try anything and everything?