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Amazon drops all affiliates in California

I have mixed feelings about this. As an Amazon affiliate (I send clicks to Amazon and when someone buys something via that click, I get a percentage of the sale - about 4%-6%), it makes me angry that I won't be able to collect any revenue from recommendations I make re: products for sale on Amazon. However, as an Amazon customer, I'm happy that I can still buy stuff from them without the 9.5% sales tax that would otherwise be charged. Here's a great open letter stating the case against Amazon for shutting own it's affiliate program in California. In total, I've made less than $500 from being an Amazon affiliate. I have probably saved three times this amount though in sales tax from stuff I've bought from Amazon. Could I have bought the same items from another out of state retailer? Of course, but I won't get the same customer service and feeling of security I get when ordering from Amazon. In the end, it doesn't affect me as much. I'll still buy from Amazon but I will no longer be an affiliate of any body. It's just too much hassle since there's no "all-in-one" online retailer I can link to as easily as Amazon.