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Good news for Warriors on Steph Curry. Rest up!

Tests revealed Curry didn't sustain any ligament damage and the repairs made in his offseason surgery are still intact.

Some good news for the Warriors. There's no reason to play Steph in the first two games. Let him rest up a full week and play against the Knicks in the 3rd game of the season. And if the Warriors somehow beat the Clippers AND the Bulls, I would rest him until they go on the road against Phoenix the following week. No season was won or lost on the first few games and if he hurts that ankle again, he could be out for months instead of days.

Chris Paul for Stephen Curry sounds good, but...

Sources said that the Hornets have actually been trying to convince the Warriors to part with Curry since before last season's trade deadline in February.

On the surface, Chris Paul for Stephen Curry sounds like a no brainer trade. But before people think this is another Speedy Claxton for Baron Davis, there are some big pitfalls involved. First, Stephen Curry is a much better player than Speedy Claxton ever was and at 23, he's yet to reach his prime. Second, the market for Baron Davis circa 2004 was limited. Remember this was the disgruntled, slightly overweight Baron Davis who clashed with Byron Scott, a coach who had taken the Nets to back-to-back NBA Finals. The Warriors knew they could sign Davis to an extension with not too many suitors out there. Chris Paul on the other had is one of the Top 3 point guards in the league. Every team with cap room will make a run at him and he knows it so why sign an extension when you can play for a year and get the gold rush in the summer of 2012? Curry for a one year rental of Paul is not a good move.

Paul has stated he would be more willing (though not guaranteed) to sign an extension with a team that acquired his buddy Tyson Chandler. The Warriors are pushing towards that and he would be an upgrade over Biedrins - some offense, good defense/rebounding, veteran leadership, playoff experience. Still, I don't see a starting 5 of Paul/Ellis/Wright/Lee/Chandler as anything more than the 4th or 5th best team in the West. Definitely an improvement but nowhere near what it would take to be a contender.

Warriors hire Welts as president, COO - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

The Golden State Warriors have hired Rick Welts as their president and chief operating officer, the team announced Monday night.

Another piece to the puzzle. Phoenix has been a winning franchise for a long time and adding Welts will help Golden State. Lacob and Guber seem to be making all the right moves. Now if the lockout would end...

Jerry West joins Warriors front office as adviser

The Golden State Warriors hired Jerry West on Friday to work with the front-office team in an advisory role and be a member of the executive board. West will assist the basketball operations staff and the business arm of the team, reporting directly to new owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber.

This is HUGE! Just look at what he did for the Lakers and Grizzlies. A big step in the right direction.