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Monta Ellis scores career high 48 points … Warriors lose again

Monta Ellis is a phenomenal scorer.  He showed it off last night versus the Thunder in a losing effort.  But it points to the same old story.  The Warriors cannot win with the team comprised as it is.  The Warriors are fun to watch but if this team ever wants to get ahead in a very very very competitive Western Conference, they need big changes.  They need a big time defender and a reliable post up player (not necessarily in one person).  Monta's stock is as high as it's ever been this season.  Time to move him and his amazing scoring talents to a team that has at least one or two players that might fit the bill.  Possible trade scenarios?  Threw some of these together taking into account needs and salaries.

1.  Ellis/Lee/Udoh to Orlando for Howard/Turkoglu
Orlando gets more than enough offense to make up for Howard and a some defense in Udoh.  They also get to shed themselves of Turkoglu's contract.  Warriors get the best center in the game and solve their defense/post player situation.  Turkoglu is a serviceable forward who might rejuvenate his career in a new setting.  At worst, he's an overpaid, bigger Brandon Rush.

2.  Ellis/Kwame to Detroit for Monroe/Gordon/Wallace
The meat of this trade is really Monroe/Gordon for Ellis.  Wallace and Kwame are thrown in as expiring contracts and cap math.  Warriors get back some backcourt scoring in Gordon and some interior toughness in Monroe.  Detroit gets cap relief by giving up Gordon's contract and a top 10 scorer who can play alongside Stuckey as their backcourt for years to come.

3.  Ellis to Phoenix for Gortat/Carter
This would be an excellent trade for the Warriors.  Carter is still a serviceable bench player and Gortat gives them a strong presence in the middle.  Not sure if Phoenix would like it but since they are moving to youth, Ellis being their PG of the future after Nash leaves is something to consider.
SCRATCH THAT: Was looking at some old rosters.  Forgot Carter got waived before the season started.  In that case, I would replace him with Shannon Brown.  This is actually an upgrade to the trade since Brown can still play good minutes as a reserve.

4.  Ellis/Kwame/Udoh to New Orleans for Okafor/Kaman
This one has a lot of risks and upside.  Okafaor looks like he'll never be anything but a good solid backup center.  Still he's better than what the Warriors have now (Biedrens).  Kaman is the key here.  If he's healthy and can get back to form, they have a very good center (Top 10?) to play alongside a good PF in Lee and a good point guard in Curry.  Wright moves to the SG spot and maybe Brandon Rush moves to SF.  If Klay Thompson develops well they could have him in the SG spot and move Wright back to SF.  New Orleans is rebuilding and a backcourt of Gordon and Ellis would be crazy fun to watch.

Good news for Warriors on Steph Curry. Rest up!

Tests revealed Curry didn't sustain any ligament damage and the repairs made in his offseason surgery are still intact.

Some good news for the Warriors. There's no reason to play Steph in the first two games. Let him rest up a full week and play against the Knicks in the 3rd game of the season. And if the Warriors somehow beat the Clippers AND the Bulls, I would rest him until they go on the road against Phoenix the following week. No season was won or lost on the first few games and if he hurts that ankle again, he could be out for months instead of days.

Warriors hire Welts as president, COO - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

The Golden State Warriors have hired Rick Welts as their president and chief operating officer, the team announced Monday night.

Another piece to the puzzle. Phoenix has been a winning franchise for a long time and adding Welts will help Golden State. Lacob and Guber seem to be making all the right moves. Now if the lockout would end...

Warriors lose to Lakers but much to be optimistic about

I just saw a great game between the Warriors and the Lakers. Outcome wasn't good (LA won) but man, it was competitive down to the last minute. Couple of free throws made by GS and couple missed by LA and the game could have gone the other way. Cause for optimism comes from the two previous games versus Phoenix and Boston. With their two bigs back (Biedrins and Turiaf), GS shows the potential of the team that some picked as the 8th seed in the West. The true test will be the next 27 games where they will have 18 at home. It'll be nearly impossible to make up 8 games to catch up to the 8th seed but a decent showing could go a long way towards whether they are sellers or buyers at the trade deadline. BTW, best block I've seen from Turiaf in a while and that's for a guy who gets a lot of good blocks every game.

Stoudemire coming to Golden State looks unlikely

Stoudemire clarified or reasserted points that he is healthy, wants to stay in Phoenix, does not want to play for Golden State and wants a maximum-level contract extension.

The rumored Amare to the Warriors trade doesn't look too likely given his recent statements. I have nothing against Stoudemire not wanting to come to the Warriors. He's going to get paid a lot of money no matter what so he would at least like to get paid a lot of money by a team that will contend. Though having Amare will definitely help the Warriors, it won't make them a contender and having him as a 1 year rental at the price of Biedrins, Wright, and Belinelli is a steep price to pay. Biedrins may not have any big offensive skills but the Warriors aren't lacking for offense. They need him to get better at defending, rebounding, and blocking shots. Sort of like a younger and less talented version of Dikembe. Though Wright and Belinelli have not been break out players, their contracts can be voided in 2010/11, saving the W's about $5.8 million against the cap. Throw in Acie Law's team option and Speedy Claxton's expiring contract and that's about $14 million the W's will have off their books next year. Just in time to make a medium size splash in the huge free agent market next year.