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Getting caught between the rain and Jack London Square

So I'm back on the bike today. My short term schedule will be Mon, Wed, and Fri with basketball on Tues. Once I'm in better shape, I'll add Thurs to the mix. Bad news was about 15 minutes into the ride, it starts to drizzle. Not a ton of rain but enough to fog up my glasses which was a pain.

Good news though is that I found a new route to work which has fewer cars. I basically hit Webster at 51st and ride it all the way down to about 29th Street where Webster hits Broadway. I then cut over to Telegraph till it ends at about 16th Street. I went down Clay the first time around but that had its issues. Today, I went two streets over to MLK and took that all the way down to 2nd. Far fewer cars but slightly longer. Also there's a nasty little hill on Webster by the hospital. No worries though, in time, I'll be able to power through it.

My first day of bicycling to work

I inherited my brother-in-law's old mountain bike and decided to start biking to work. Our office has a shower to encourage people to bike to work plus I need to start thinking about getting into better shape. My route is basically to go down Telegraph Avenue from Rockridge towards Downtown Oakland and then cutting over to Clay to avoid Broadway which is always packed with cars. The only issue I found was that Clay is a pretty narrow street that runs along City Center and the Federal Building so there's always a fair amount of delivery trucks. Maybe I'll cut over one more street to Jefferson next time. Overall, it felt good to bike in. Since I'm going downhill in the morning, I'm not sure how I'll feel tonight when I have to bike back uphill. Hopefully after a few weeks of doing this, my body will build up the necessary stamina. No pain, no gain, I suppose.