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Back from LeadsCon. I'm beat...

Just got back from LeadsCon 2009 last night. Maybe it's the combination of too much food and drink or the fact that I'm always dehydrated in Vegas but I am wiped out. Overall though, it was a great show. Much thanks to Jay Weintraub, the founder of LeadsCon, for putting on another great show. Ike was invited to present Centrro and our latest service,, at a spotlight session that highlighted a few companies that were doing more innovative things in the lead generation industry. We shared the stage with some great innovative companies -, BillShrink, Credit Karma, TrialPay, and Twilio. Below are some shots from that spotlight.

Though I always enjoy going to Vegas, it's a rough place to be. A combination of the dry air, too much drink, too much food, too little sleep can never end well. I'm glad to be back home and sleeping my own bed.