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Geez... I didn't think it could get any worse for the W's...

It’s the Warriors. The only ones who stay are the fools, the corrupt and those with no other choice.

Just read this on Tim Kawakami's blog. If this is true, the Warriors have pretty much sunk to a new low. I was never a Nelson lover but I didn't really hate what he did for the team either. That is until now. He's looking more and more like the old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn. The team needs to be sold... now... to anyone. Nothing can be worse than the combination of Cohan-Rowell-Nelson. The fans deserve so much more yet I get the impression that until they stop buying season tickets en masse, management will never change. They're making money while the team/fans suffer.

Hornets fire Byron Scott - Difference mindset between an elite team and a mediocre one

News came today that Byron Scott was fired from the 3-6 Hornets. Kind of a surprise but it's indicative of what elite teams are willing to do to right the ship. Contrast that with mediocre teams like the W's or Clippers who stick by inept coaches and GM's far too long. In the end, I think all big decisions start with ownership. Donald Sterling and Chris Cohan are too stubborn/stupid to realize they are the reasons their teams aren't good.

Warriors rumored sale

There's a rumor floating around the Interwebs that Chris Cohan, current owner of the Warriors, is looking to sell the franchise. The possible buyer? Larry Ellison of Oracle fame. This rumor definitely has legs as Oracle already has the naming rights to the Arena and Ellison has been wanting to buy a sports franchise for a while now. Whether he'll be a good owner or not is debatable but at this point, anything is better than Cohan who to me, ranks as the second worst NBA owner behind Donald Sterling.