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No TV ... Day 2

So a few days ago, my TiVo hard drive crashed. Since it also acts as a digital cable box, I basically have not watched TV since Tuesday. It's a somewhat weird feeling but what I'm beginning to find is that television may not be quite as necessary to my daily life as I once thought. With, I basically get to watch all of the shows I usually watch anyway (House, Chuck, Heroes, 30 Rock, Family Guy, etc). I hit for my Sportscenter highlights and with video on all the major news networks, I pretty much get the rest. One thing I will miss is the ability to channel surf. You never know when Commando or Batman Begins is playing. Then again, if I didn't watch the same shows or movies for the hundredth time, I'd probably have more time to do other stuff.
Don't get me wrong. When the new hard drive arrives in a few days, I'll be back to my happy TV watching self. It's just a nice change of pace to not have the TV on pretty much every waking hour when I'm at home.