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The Crisis of Credit - Great video detailing the current credit crunch

This is a great video. Created by Jonathan Jarvis and on his website Check it out and send him a donation!

By the way, I just finally figured out how to embed tags within my post via the subject line.  Also, gotta give much props to Posterous for making embedding video so easy.  I just put the URL of the Vimeo video in the email body and bam, there it goes.  Used to take me a while to embed YouTube videos just right when I tried blogging on my own platform.

Ike's column in HuffPost

I wrote something about this earlier on my Twitter page but thought it deserved a little more space here.  My partner, Ike, will be writing a regular column in the Huffington Post regarding consumer credit.  Obviously, it's very timely given what's going on in the world.  Couldn't have gotten a more qualified person to write the column given Ike's background as one of the pioneers in online consumer credit.  Check it out here.

On a totally unrelated note, I've finally caught up to the world by getting a plasma TV.  Got a great deal on eBay for a used Panasonic (take advantage of that Microsoft 30% CashBack!).  Now that BlueRay is the rage, I'll wait another 5 years for the players to go sub-$100.  I'm all about the value!