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Baffling move from the W's...

The Warriors just pulled off a trade with the Bucks. Baffling is the only word I can think of. I understand the motivation of it was primarily financial but you couldn't get at least something serviceable in return? Charlie Bell and Dan Gadzuric will offer ZERO impact on the court. If the W's resign CJ to back up Curry (which they should) where does that leave Bell? And Gadzuric has been disappointing for a long time even when he was at UCLA. The only saving grace with Gadzuric is that his contract comes off the books next year but Bell is on the hook until 2012.

What bothers me the most about this deal is that Maggette had value. He wasn't a disruption in the locker room, did what he was told, and in general played well. 20 points and 5 rebounds from a 2/3 swingman is nothing to sneeze at. Plus he got to the line a lot (and shot a decent %) which meant he often put the other team in foul trouble. If you're going to give away your 3rd best player, at least get immediate cap relief or something in return like a good rebounder which the W's sorely need. Baffling.....

Did the Lakers just steal Ron Artest?

I cannot believe that Ron Artest just committed to the Lakers for 3 years and $18.6M or 5 years for $33.5M. Does anyone else think that Ron Artest is woefully underpaid? The above deals value him between $6.2M and $6.7M a year. Here's a list of other players making about that much:
Nazr Mohammed - $6M
Vladimir Radmanovic - $6M
Tim Thomas - $6M
Jerome James - $6.2M
Marquis Daniels - $6.8M
Dan Gadzuric - $6.2M
Luke Ridnour - $6.5M
Jared Jeffries - $6M
Chris Wilcox - $6.7M
Etan Thomas - $6.8M
Mike James - $6.2M
Marko Jaric - $6.5M
Darko Milicic - $7M
Brian Cardinal - $6.3M
Antonio Daniels - $6.2M
Earl Watson - $6.2M
In an interview with ESPN, Artest stated that he had earned a lot of money over his career and wasn't really going after the money any more. Still, I think given that he's the only player since 1999-2000 to average 16 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals per game and is probably the best wing defender today, someone should have given him a lot more.