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Colin Powell ... Sensible F'ing Guy

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I was watching Face the Nation and saw Colin Powell's interview re: how people like Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh think he should leave the Republican Party. First off, let me say that I'm not a Republican (not a Democrat, either). My voting record is best described as moderate with certain left leanings. However, I believe in multiple points of views in our government as a checks and balances against one set ideology. I think our government is best run when there are ideas coming from all areas, all people.
Back to Mr. Powell. He's probably one of the more sensible Republicans I've heard from in a long time. He's direct, articulate, and above all, logical. Add that to his sterling resume and you've got a person who could lead the Republican party to bigger and better things. To hear that people like Cheney and Limbaugh are against a person like this makes it clear why the Republican party is fast becoming the old man screaming at kids from the porch. I especially like how he didn't roll-over for Limbaugh and actually challenged him in a respectful and classy way. If Powell decides to run for President in 2012, it'll be a tough decision for me...