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Like Final Fantasy music and Parappa the Rapper style of gameplay? Theatrhythm has got you covered.

I got a chance to see Nobuo Uematsu in concert and it was a great experience.  The Final Fantasy series of games were well regarded not just for gameplay but its cinematic story telling.  The closest thing to an interactive movie, in my opinion.  And just as music is a huge part of any great movie, so was the music of the entire FF series.  Here's a vid I took of the man himself performing on stage in Chicago

Just released today, Theatrhythm is a great blend of beats style game play and the great music of Final Fantasy.  See the gameplay trailer below.  Great introduction for anyone not familiar with the FF franchise.  I hope it gets people to consider playing some of the old titles.  Like great movies, they are worth revisiting periodically to remind folks that games can be more than just heavy handed graphics and shooting people.