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Square's Wallet is VERY cool and works PERFECTLY ... Way to go @jack

I'm at Sightglass Coffee in the city, Jack Dorsey's coffee bar. Very cool space. Still under construction but should be open in a few weeks.

What was even more cool was the Square integration at the register. Since this was my first time here, I did the Square swipe. Nothing new, works fine. The really cool part was what happened after. I was prompted to download the Square Wallet which allowed me to add Sightglass as a "card". When I went to order a pastry, I didn't have to swipe my card again. They had me in their list of customers at the store (probably GPS based) and then I put it on my tab. How cool is that? I imagine when Square is at more of my most frequented stores, I would never have to pull out my card again. They just bypassed the whole NFC hoopla.