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Warriors versus Rockets Summer League Game Recap

The Warriors played the Rockets in the first 2009 Las Vegas Summer League. I don't put much stock in who wins these games as the rules are pretty weird (no fouling out) and players aren't necessarily playing to win a game but to showcase individual talents in order to jockey for roster spots and playing time.
Of interest in this first game, Curry's not afraid to hoist the ball up (4 for 14... he'll fit in nicely) and Anthony Randolph is a stud. Clearly the best player on the floor, I'm looking for big things from him this coming season. Acie Law might actually contribute next year but I'm still not going to put him ahead of CJ Watson. As for the Rockets... I have no idea why Chase Budinger fell so far in the draft. The guy can definitely hold his own and will hopefully improve as the season progresses.