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Amare to the Warriors?

There's a trade rumor out there that Amare Stoudemire may be moved to the Warriors for Biedrins, Wright, and Belinelli. If this happens, the W's are instantly a playoff team (assuming Amare stays healthy). Wright and Belinelli are improving players but I don't see them being superstars. Biedrins is a little bit harder to part with. He improved every season he was in the league and at only 23, he has a ton of upside. Though still raw and with few real post moves, he's shown an ability to rebound, run the floor, and play the pick and roll. With Nash dishing to him, I think he'll flourish in Phoenix.
A potential starting 5 for the W's would be Ellis, Maggette, Jackson, Randolph, and Stoudemire with CJ, Curry, Morrow, Azubuike, and Turiaf on the second team. Again, just a rumor.

Shaq to Cleveland

Another trade just went down before the draft. Like the Jefferson to San Antonio trade, I think this is a one sided depending upon how you look at it. Cleveland basically got an upgrade at the center position (though not sure how Big Z and Shaq will split minutes) and Phoenix got a ton of cap relief. Wallace and Pavlovic are expected to be bought out so they won't play a minute for Phoenix.
The bigger implication is that Phoenix has pretty much given up on the 2009-2010 season. Reportedly Amare Stoudamire isn't happy and will probably be moved or else he walks away next season without any return for Phoenix. It'll be interesting to see where he lands. Good news for the Warriors as the Pacific just got a little weaker. They might just be the 2nd best team that division.