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This is a much needed upgrade!

iPhone 3.0 Firmware Taking Better Pictures than 2.2.1?

One of many things that need to be fixed on the iPhone (still wouldn't trade it for any phone currently on the market). I always thought it was the hardware but it looks like software improvements could be made. I hear the new iPhone will have a 3MP+ camera which should help, as well.

Cool feature on iPhone

So I figured out how to take screenshots of what is on my iPhone. You need to have the 2.0+ software upgrade, then press the power and Home button at the same time (don't hold or it will reset the phone). The screen flashes and then you'll hear the camera click. Whatever you had on the screen will be in your Camera Roll.
Here's a screenshot of a new game I'm playing called Strategery. One of the developers used to do some work for us (Sumul, he's great!). The games pretty simple to learn but hard to master, especially on the harder settings. I'm about to crush the computer in this screenshot.
Click here to get the game from the iTunes App Store and here's the website for the game itself.