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Some color on Color ... don't hate, just appreciate. #Color

Lots of backlash regarding the news that Color got a $41M funding for a pre-launch product in a very crowded space. I am somewhat biased in that two of the founders are Vietnamese and I always root for my peeps. The app itself is slick and well put together. Actual true utility won't come until there is mass adoption which will take time (hence the 41M bones). And don't hate because they were able to get $41M. If nothing, that's a testament to how great a team they have that a bunch of VCs would give them that much money with ZERO adoption. Let's judge them in 3 months, 6 months, a year from now. If they still don't have the adoption then let the hate rain down.

This is a much needed upgrade!

iPhone 3.0 Firmware Taking Better Pictures than 2.2.1?

One of many things that need to be fixed on the iPhone (still wouldn't trade it for any phone currently on the market). I always thought it was the hardware but it looks like software improvements could be made. I hear the new iPhone will have a 3MP+ camera which should help, as well.

Testing the gallery feature

Not to be a shill for Posterous but I never liked to blog before this service came along. By making everything drop dead easy, I actually find myself taking a quick second to put together a post every now and then and I'm amazed at how great it looks with all the media. Today, I was reading another member's Posterous page and saw the gallery feature where you can scroll through multiple images. How f-ing cool is that? Here's a test of some images of my niece and nephew.