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An amazing feat of engineering that no one will use

I'm constantly amazed at why Segway gets so much publicity. They introduced their latest invention, the P.U.M.A., a collaboration with GM. It's basically a Segway with beefed up performance, two seats, and a windshield. I'm sure it's an amazing feat of engineering and that very intelligent people got together to build a very complex "thing". But the point here is who will use this? I remember when the Segway PT came out 8 years ago with much fanfare and hype. Fast forward to today, the only Segway PTs I see are at the Segway rental shop next to a pho restaurant in East Oakland (perfect location!). It seems that people got enamored with technology without making it functional. Just because we have the ability to build it, doesn't mean we should. Also, great to know that GM is involved. Obviously, they have nothing better to do, right?