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Chris Sacca's empassioned response to Ron Conway

Another point of view to nosh on re: AngelGate. Chris makes some very good points and his sincerity is unquestioned. It was heart wrenching to read his response to someone who he obviously cares a great deal about and respects immensely.

After reading his response, I'm left more confused than before. Just seems like there are truths from both sides. Still, I'd be lucky to get funding from either Chris or Ron.

Ron Conway Drops A Nuclear Bomb On The Super Angels

This is despicable and embarrassing for the tech community in my opinion.

This email from Ron Conway is staggering. Yesterday, I posted that the truth of AngelGate is probably somewhere between Michael Arrington's originally post and Dave McClure's response. It now seems like the truth is closer to Arrington's version than McClure's.

I feel like a total asshole because I posted a comment to the original AngelGate post on TC saying I thought Ron Conway was probably at the meeting (even though David Lee of SV Angel was there). Shows how much I know.

A measured response and a "measured" response to AngelGate

A day after what is now being known as AngelGate, we get two responses from Fred Wilson and the always entertaining Dave McClure. Though Wilson's response is very measured, logical, and concise versus McClure's scorch the earth post, I find myself feeling more convinced by Dave's post. However, they essentially say the same thing - collusion would be difficult to pull off in the hyper competitive world of angel investing.

With the initial shock of the collusion meeting over, I get the feeling that the truth is somewhere between what Arrington wrote and what these two and other angel investors at the meeting are now saying. Just don't know which side it's closer to.

This is very scary and serious stuff...

How the group can act together to keep out new angel investors invading the market and driving up valuations.

TechCrunch (specifically editor Michael Arrington) breaks this story. WOW...

As an entrepreneur, I can't tell you how much this scares me. The current start-up ecosystem works because of entrepreneurs being able to secure funding. Angel investing was a boon to this new crop of start-ups where it no longer costs millions to start a company, essentially expanding the universe of potential investors beyond just VC firms. Without this pipeline of funding, lots of start-ups will not be able to grow and flourish.

On another note, the comments section of many TC articles usually contains a good amount of people bitching and moaning about how TC doesn't do real news and how Arrington just rants and raves. To these people I say, STFU and GAFG. Yes, the tone of many TC posts are informal and don't read like an AP piece. But I believe that only blogs like TC can get access to write stories like this for this particular industry of ours. If I have to get the occasional airline or iPhone rant, fine by me.

Great post for start-up founders by Jason Cohen - The 10 People Test

Meditate on this: Hundreds of people ready to quit their day jobs, burn up savings, risk personal reputation, toil 70 hours per week, absorb as much stress as having a baby (believe me, I've done both)....  all without identifying even ten measly people actually willing to pay for what they're peddling.

Short-sighted, no?

Great read for any prospective entrepreneur. It's another good start-up sniff test.