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Troubled Startup Color Loses Cofounder Peter Pham

Looks like isn't doing too well. I wrote a quick blurb about them when they first launched - basically taking a wait and see position. Since launch, they've made some minor adjustments to the product but not enough in my opinion to get people to understand and use the product. Having one of your cofounders leave isn't quite a ringing endorsement. Hopefully they can recover from this and pivot to something that people will embrace. Best of luck to Peter.

GazeHawk buys my coffee...

GazeHawk is awesome. Heat maps like the one above used to cost thousands of dollars to commission. These guys have figured out an inexpensive way to do it using your laptop's webcam. Ingenious. The flip side of it is that they pay people to view websites and provide comments (in addition to your heat map) - about $4 for a good eye track or $2 if not. I've done dozens of these since they've gone live and will continue to do so. Spend a couple of minutes looking at a webpage to get a cup of coffee? Sounds good to me.

Chris Sacca's empassioned response to Ron Conway

Another point of view to nosh on re: AngelGate. Chris makes some very good points and his sincerity is unquestioned. It was heart wrenching to read his response to someone who he obviously cares a great deal about and respects immensely.

After reading his response, I'm left more confused than before. Just seems like there are truths from both sides. Still, I'd be lucky to get funding from either Chris or Ron.

Ron Conway Drops A Nuclear Bomb On The Super Angels

This is despicable and embarrassing for the tech community in my opinion.

This email from Ron Conway is staggering. Yesterday, I posted that the truth of AngelGate is probably somewhere between Michael Arrington's originally post and Dave McClure's response. It now seems like the truth is closer to Arrington's version than McClure's.

I feel like a total asshole because I posted a comment to the original AngelGate post on TC saying I thought Ron Conway was probably at the meeting (even though David Lee of SV Angel was there). Shows how much I know.

A measured response and a "measured" response to AngelGate

A day after what is now being known as AngelGate, we get two responses from Fred Wilson and the always entertaining Dave McClure. Though Wilson's response is very measured, logical, and concise versus McClure's scorch the earth post, I find myself feeling more convinced by Dave's post. However, they essentially say the same thing - collusion would be difficult to pull off in the hyper competitive world of angel investing.

With the initial shock of the collusion meeting over, I get the feeling that the truth is somewhere between what Arrington wrote and what these two and other angel investors at the meeting are now saying. Just don't know which side it's closer to.