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Cool iPad 2 Smart Cover knock-off and how Apple can improve their own case

This is a pretty blatant knock-off of the iPad 2 Smart Cover. Designed for the Galaxy Tab, it isn't designed by Samsung but is being sold in their stores. All the flaming aside from the Apple camp, one part of the design I did like is the addition of the back cover. Because, I assume, the Galaxy Tab doesn't have the same magnet system, it required a snap-on back to hold the cover in place. The unexpected (or expected) by product is that it also protects the back of the tablet. Apple's Smart Cover is cool but I find myself wanting some type of protection for the back of the iPad. Maybe an enterprising person will develop something similar for the iPad 2...

Awesome iPad 2 functionality

So I bought an iPad 2 recently (yeah yeah... I'm late to the whole tablet computing game).  So far, it's a really good device.  I do find myself having to come up with excuses to use it versus using my laptop.  I might have to force myself to keep the laptop in the bag for an extended period of time to see if I can go exclusively with the iPad.

On another note, some amazing functionality from some enterprising individuals using the iPad 2's front facing camera.  This is inspired by Johnny Lee's original head tracking project for the Wii (equally cool).  Apple and its developers need to find a way to incorporate this into the new apps.