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Once you go solid state, you'll never have to wait

My hard drive died about a week ago and I've been in limbo. For all that the iPad can do, it is NOT a laptop replacement. It can do about 80% of the things a laptop can do but that other 20% is pretty darn important.

So if you're counting, this is the 2nd hard drive failure I've had in the last 3 months. Each time I was visited by the infamous click of death (hear below). I decided that the aggravation and loss of productivity was not worth the price-to-storage ratio of the standard platter hard drive. I vowed to never again hear the dreaded clicking of my hard drive failing so I upgraded to an solid state drive. Though these things aren't cheap ($400 versus $100 for 500GB of storage), I figured that it was worth it for a more reliable and faster storage solution. Well I can't speak to the reliability since I've only had the drive running for a few hours but the speed is unbelievable. From pressing the power button to being on the desktop took less than 10 seconds. Mac OS X opens all the previous programs I had open before shut down, so that means I'll have anywhere from 6-9 separate programs that need to open before I can really start working. This process usually took about 3 minutes but with this new drive, I'm ready to go in under 30 seconds. Opening Excel or Word would take 20-30 seconds each but now take less than 5 seconds. There is no way I can ever go back and would actually trade off CPU or RAM upgrades in place of an SSD.

So next time you think your computer is slow, the best thing you can do to speed things up is just get an SSD. The performance improvement is dramatic.

Cool iPad 2 Smart Cover knock-off and how Apple can improve their own case

This is a pretty blatant knock-off of the iPad 2 Smart Cover. Designed for the Galaxy Tab, it isn't designed by Samsung but is being sold in their stores. All the flaming aside from the Apple camp, one part of the design I did like is the addition of the back cover. Because, I assume, the Galaxy Tab doesn't have the same magnet system, it required a snap-on back to hold the cover in place. The unexpected (or expected) by product is that it also protects the back of the tablet. Apple's Smart Cover is cool but I find myself wanting some type of protection for the back of the iPad. Maybe an enterprising person will develop something similar for the iPad 2...

Another great game in the Professor Layton series ... why aren't these on the iPhone?

I've just started playing the latest Professor Layton game for the Nintendo DS - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. It's a puzzle adventure game where you go through the story exploring your surroundings and solving short brain teasers along the way. Extremely engaging and well written story line mixed with very simple and easy to understand game play (some of the puzzles are hard but there's a good hint system to help you along). The game uses the DS's touch screen well which leads me to wonder, why aren't more games like this popping up on the iPhone? As with all things, I'm sure it's a money thing since most DS games are priced between $20 - $35 versus the iPhones $0.99 to $9.99 range. Still, if Apple wants to seriously market the iPhone, iPod Touch, and possibly the iPad as great gaming devices, they need to move beyond the casual games like Doodle Jump and Angry Birds and cultivate more professionally designed games from real game development houses.

For those of you with Nintendo DS's, here's the entire Professor Layton series as released in North America:

Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Finally, a real reason to buy the iPad

Curse you Reed Hastings. I was not planning on buying an iPad... AT ALL. Didn't see the need. Not quite a laptop, not quite as portable as the iPhone. But now Netflix had to go and ruin it for me. I will not be one of the fan boys lined up this Saturday to buy an iPad but it seems inevitable that I will buy one within the next year. Being able to watch my entire Netflix streaming library? Check. Add to that the soon to be released Slingbox app for the iPad? Check and mate. All the other junk like maps, email, web browsing, etc. are just nice add-ons to these two killer apps. You're an asshole Steve Jobs for making me buy your shit.

Google Tablet? Eh...

TechCrunch posted an article and the video below about a concept Google Tablet OS based on Chrome. My reaction? Eh...

To be honest, I haven't been very impressed with any of the products that Google has released besides the dominating trifecta of Search, Maps, and GMail. Pretty much every other product that Google has released is pretty ho-hum. I'm not counting services that Google has bought like YouTube, Picasa, Blogger, GrandCentral (Google Voice) etc. which are great products. To name a few in no particular order:

* Orkut
* Android
* Google Shopping
* Google Checkout
* Google Finance

The telling one here is Android. I have used an Android phone (not the new Nexus One, but the Droid) and found it to be supremely disappointing versus the iPhone. Supposedly, the Nexus One is supposed to be better but from all the online demos I've seen of the Nexus One, it's incrementally better than the Droid but not by leaps and bounds. Unlike Microsoft, I don't see Apple getting complacent about their product development and Google has a lot of ground to make up.