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Warriors' David Lee is cleared to play... FINALLY!

Golden State forward David Lee has flown to Minneapolis and will meet the Warriors there for a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Saturday.

This couldn't have come any sooner. With David Lee out, the Warriors were worst off than they were last year and it showed. Another close defeat to the Grizzlies makes the losing streak now five. Think of the 2009-2010 Warriors minus Turiaf, Randolph and Azubuike. Lee won't make an immediate impact but you need to start somewhere.

Why can't the Republican Party find a sensible candidate?

It Came from Wasilla...

As I've stated before, I'm not a registered Democrat or Republican (I am registered with somebody, though). However, this country needs to have a balanced mix of voices in Washington to work at its best. With Al Franken's victory in Minnesota, the Dems now have 60 seats in the Senate (though Arlen Specter is a wild card) which makes it much easier for them to push through a leftist agenda. That's not actually a bad thing per se but it does mean that one party has a big advantage in terms of setting legislation for the next few years.

The above Vanity Fair article is just another in a long string of bizarre acts coming from the Republican Party. First the Governor of South Carolina with his international escapades, now the in-fighting regarding Sarah Palin with the 2008 campaign and her supposed 2012 Presidential run. What has the GOP become when the face of your party is Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Why not put sensible (not to mention, intelligent and effective) candidates like Colin Powell, Meg Whitman, or Bobby Jindal as the face of the party? If nothing changes, I predict lopsided victories for the Democrats in the next few elections.

Post draft notes

A few tidbits of news coming out of last nights NBA Draft:
* Ricky Rubio doesn't seem to like Minnesota. There are reports that his father says Rubio might return to Spain and play out his contract with Joventut. Plus his mom doesn't like the cold. I don't think he'll go back but might use it as leverage to force a trade a la Steve Francis. My guess, The Knicks pull it off by packaging David Lee and change. I guess that Jonny Flynn pick up at #6 wasn't that crazy after all.
* The rumored Amare Stoudemire for Biedrins, Wright, and Belinelli might actually be Biedrins, Wright, and Curry. Makes sense from Phoenix's standpoint to get a starting center and a potential PG of the future after Nash leaves in a year or two. It never really made sense to have two guards who are more comfortable playing the 2 try to be your PG. It's hard enough trying to get Monta to play the point effectively. Curry's stock is really high now and can only go down if he's competing for minutes with a much better Monta. Though I'm not against seeing if a Monta/Curry back court could be harmonious. I just don't think there are enough shots in a game to satisfy both of them plus Jackson and Maggette.
* Ty Lawson could be the sleeper PG to emerge from this PG heavy 1st round. Tyreke Evans and Curry aren't real PG's and I think they'll slide over to the 2 for most of their careers. Rubio has a ton of potential/hype which may be his undoing. He looks good dishing out assists but a lack of speed, athleticism, defense and shooting ability makes him vulnerable to faster guards who are much better than what he's played against to date. One of the reasons Nash dishes out so many assists is that his good shooting ability keeps defenders honest. If defenders knew Rubio couldn't hit a jumper consistently, they are in a much better position defensively. Lawson is one of the fastest guards in the draft and though he won't dazzle people with amazing passes, he's an efficient scorer who can manage a half court offense. He'll learn a lot from Billups and won't be asked to be the savior of a franchise. You also can't discount his proven ability to lead a team to a championship.
* I feel horrible for Jordan Hill. When he was announced as The Knicks pick, a little boy gave the thumbs down sign and his father had to turn it to a thumbs up. Hill is a solid player who doesn't deserve the jeers from the Curry-crazy Knicks fans. I hope he gets traded out of New York because he deserves better. Since Phoenix is rebuilding, how about trading for the U of A alum and some expiring contracts in exchange for Nash who obviously wants out and would love to be reunited with D'Antoni. Plus since Stoudemire is leaving, they'll need a big body with decent post moves to play alongside Biedrens who has no post moves. One can wish.

Minnesota chooses Rubio and Flynn. Huh?

Minnesota just chose Rubio and Flynn back to back. I don't get this pick. They both essentially play the same position. If one of them was going to be the future PG, it would be Rubio so where does that leave Flynn? A 5' 11" shooting guard? Stephen Curry would have been a better pick as he's more comfortable at the 2. Oh well, Warriors choosing next.