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Touchscreen Netbook from Apple?

Based on this new information, it appears that Apple is targeting a ~10 screen size for this Netbook. The addition of a multi-touch screen adds an interesting twist to the concept of a netbook which is traditionally a clamshell miniaturized laptop.

MacRumors, one of the best Apple reporting sites, discusses the possibility of a Apple Netbook based on a flurry of information floating around the Interwebs.  I'm not sure a Netbook would make sense since it would obviously cannibalize sales from the more profitable MacBook line.  What would make sense to me is actually a tablet style device.  Imagine an iPhone that was twice as long and three times as high (or basically 6 iPhones in a Brady Bunch-esque configuration).  It makes me think of the tablets they had on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Way too cool.

BTW, much thanks to Garry of Posterous for showing me how to do the block quote and using the Posterous Bookmarklet app.  Also, way too cool.

Touch screen love!

I'm watching the CNN and NBC coverage of the election and I'm amazed with the new huge touch screen interfaces. Very impressive and I can't help but think that this is the next wave in user interface designs kicked off by the iPhone. The two point pinch is in full effect! Also, if you're in Cali and you haven't voted, do so now! It's more than just the Presidential election (which is pretty much set already for Cali) - there are a few very important ballot initiatives that are definitely not yet decided. Regardless of which side you fall under, it's important to make your voice heard. The only wasted vote is one not made.