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Warriors trade Ellis to Bucks for Bogut - All Risk, Very Little Reward

The Warriors have been trying to get a top-notch center for some time, and they paid a steep price to get Bogut because they gave up one of the NBA's top scoring guards in Ellis...

How many ways is this a bad trade?

1) Bogut is out for the rest of the year with a fractured ankle. Not something you come back from with no long term issues (see Curry).

2) The Warriors tack on about $25M more in salaries over the next two years.

3) They basically traded away their best scorer AND best defender for Captain Jack.

4) They lose Kwame Brown's expiring $7M contract which could have been excellent trade bait.

The only way this trade even begins to make sense is if Bogut can be better than he has ever been. Given his immaturity and propensity for injury, I have a hard time seeing that happening. Jackson may have another renaissance in the Bay Area but he's also 4 years older and declining which makes the likelihood of that happening very low.

If the rumors were true that another trade was available and turned down, then it's just business as usual for the inept front office and ownership, no matter who's in charge.

Forget what I said earlier about Warriors trades...

In his first start of the season, Udoh had a career-high 19 points to go with eight rebounds and led the Warriors past the Los Angeles Clippers 104-97 on Monday night.

One game does not make a trend. But man, what a game. Ekpe Udoh's first start of the season was an eye opener and he did it against legit big men. Going up against Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan (ironically, the big man the Warriors went after in the pre-season) and occasionally Kenyon Martin, Udoh held his own. More than anything he looked gassed because he's usually playing reserve minutes. Here's hoping he gets another start and can build on this.

Monta Ellis scores career high 48 points … Warriors lose again

Monta Ellis is a phenomenal scorer.  He showed it off last night versus the Thunder in a losing effort.  But it points to the same old story.  The Warriors cannot win with the team comprised as it is.  The Warriors are fun to watch but if this team ever wants to get ahead in a very very very competitive Western Conference, they need big changes.  They need a big time defender and a reliable post up player (not necessarily in one person).  Monta's stock is as high as it's ever been this season.  Time to move him and his amazing scoring talents to a team that has at least one or two players that might fit the bill.  Possible trade scenarios?  Threw some of these together taking into account needs and salaries.

1.  Ellis/Lee/Udoh to Orlando for Howard/Turkoglu
Orlando gets more than enough offense to make up for Howard and a some defense in Udoh.  They also get to shed themselves of Turkoglu's contract.  Warriors get the best center in the game and solve their defense/post player situation.  Turkoglu is a serviceable forward who might rejuvenate his career in a new setting.  At worst, he's an overpaid, bigger Brandon Rush.

2.  Ellis/Kwame to Detroit for Monroe/Gordon/Wallace
The meat of this trade is really Monroe/Gordon for Ellis.  Wallace and Kwame are thrown in as expiring contracts and cap math.  Warriors get back some backcourt scoring in Gordon and some interior toughness in Monroe.  Detroit gets cap relief by giving up Gordon's contract and a top 10 scorer who can play alongside Stuckey as their backcourt for years to come.

3.  Ellis to Phoenix for Gortat/Carter
This would be an excellent trade for the Warriors.  Carter is still a serviceable bench player and Gortat gives them a strong presence in the middle.  Not sure if Phoenix would like it but since they are moving to youth, Ellis being their PG of the future after Nash leaves is something to consider.
SCRATCH THAT: Was looking at some old rosters.  Forgot Carter got waived before the season started.  In that case, I would replace him with Shannon Brown.  This is actually an upgrade to the trade since Brown can still play good minutes as a reserve.

4.  Ellis/Kwame/Udoh to New Orleans for Okafor/Kaman
This one has a lot of risks and upside.  Okafaor looks like he'll never be anything but a good solid backup center.  Still he's better than what the Warriors have now (Biedrens).  Kaman is the key here.  If he's healthy and can get back to form, they have a very good center (Top 10?) to play alongside a good PF in Lee and a good point guard in Curry.  Wright moves to the SG spot and maybe Brandon Rush moves to SF.  If Klay Thompson develops well they could have him in the SG spot and move Wright back to SF.  New Orleans is rebuilding and a backcourt of Gordon and Ellis would be crazy fun to watch.

NBA Draft 2011

So here we are again... NBA Draft time. The interesting backdrop to this year's draft is whether there will even be a season in 2011-2012 given the labor negotiations. Let's assume there is and see what the W's might be able to procure.

Across the board, experts say this is probably one of the weakest draft classes in a long time. Therefore, there's really no place to look but up regarding who the Warriors would get. Given the uncertain tenure of Monta Ellis, you could say a play at SG/SF might be in order. However, I'll assume they get a quality SG/SF if they trade away Monta. The big glaring hole is probably at center. Ekpe Udoh has a ton of potential but he'll never be an offensive threat. He could develop into a solid defensive center but at 6' 9", he'll always be a little undersized to guard the better centers of the league. Andris has fallen off the face of the earth and I don't think anything can bring him back outside of a change of scenery. However with a bloated contract, he may be difficult to move.

So what options are available at the 11th pick? Some draft boards have Lithuanian phenom Donatas Motiejunas available. He's gifted offensively but is a beanpole and would be pushed around by bigger NBA C/PF's. Also, he's a liability on defense (but nearly all the W's are). Finally there is a question re: his commitment/desire/work-ethic. I fear without a strong coach (not sure if Mark Jackson will be one or not) he'll regress and won't continue to improve year after year. Another player with lots of question marks but a ton of hype is Bismack Biyombo from the Congo. He has the makings to be Mutumbo-esque but feels like another version of Ekpe Udoh and I'm not sure the W's want to double up at the same position with two virtually identical players. At the end of the day, I don't hold out too much hope for this pick given the lack of depth in this draft and the W's drafting relatively late. But then again, I didn't have much hope for the W's pick last year and he's turning out ok.

Why I should never be an NBA GM

We're experiencing some pretty amazing times in Bay Area sports (Raiders and 49ers aside). Giants are up 2-0 in the World Series and looking stronger than ever and the Warriors just opened the season with two good wins. Going into the offseason, I had my ideas about what they needed to do and of course, I had my opinions about the moves they made. Obviously, the biggest news was the sale of the team which trumps pretty much all other news. On the personnel side, they picked up David Lee but lost some players in Anthony Morrow and CJ Watson to free agency and Maggette to a trade to the Bucks. They also drafted Ekpe Udoh with the 6th pick.

Overall, I thought the moves were good. Getting Lee was great - a solid workman like 20-10 guy. Maggette was always going to be a defensive liability and never really made any team he played on better (a hollow 18-20pts a game). Udoh was a head scratcher but there wasn't anyone drafted after him that stood out. Plus with him being hurt, his grade is an incomplete for now. The one that I disagreed with the most was letting Morrow go and replacing him with Dorell Wright for virtually the same money. Why would you let one of the best young 3 point specialist go and pick up a scrub that never scored more than 8pts a game? Well after watching Dorell play in 2 games, I can begin to see the reasoning. He's not a flashy player but he's smart. Though he's a career 36.3% 3pt shooter, I saw him pass up a bunch of threes and instead pump fake and step in on his defender for easier mid-range shots. Morrow may be more accurate from outside but I doubt he has the maturity to take what a defense will give him. He'd rather force up a three as oppose to getting that closer shot. Though it's a long season, Morrow's currently averaging 8.5pts a game versus Wright's 19.5pts. But the reason I have more faith in Wright is that he doesn't seem like he's forcing anything. Plus he plays much better defense - something the Warriors need to focus on to make it to the next level. We'll see how he and the W's fare against their biggest test to date - at Staples against the Lakers on Sunday...