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Warriors win coin flip for 7th spot in lottery

An hour and 15 minutes after a coin was supposed to be flipped at the NBA’s New York office, the league announced that the Warriors won the toss for the lottery’s seventh slot and will have a 72.4 percent chance of keeping their 2012 draft choice.

A bit of good news on the Warrior's part. Winning the coin flip allows them to have a greater chance to retain their 2012 draft pick. There still is a 27.6% chance that someone below them will jump up to the 1, 2 or 3 spot which will knock them to 8, 9 or 10 and their pick goes to Utah. I'll reserve judgement for when the lottery is done on May 30th before I get too excited about the possibilities for this pick.

Warriors need to lose these next two games...

Warriors are playing the Hornets now and are off to a hot start. THEY. NEED. TO. STOP.

With the Raptors playing the Nets in the last game of the season, one of them will have a 23-43 record. If the Warriors lose the next two games they will have an identical 23-43 record and be in a tie for the 7th worst record. This means they'll split the number of ping pong balls between them for the lottery but more importantly, they will be in a coin flip for the 7th or 8th spot should neither of them win the lottery. This gives the Warriors a shot at keeping their pick since it's only 1-7 protected. Otherwise, the pick goes to Utah for the disastrous trade for Marcus Williams. On that note, it's somewhat good news that Larry Riley is out as Warriors GM. Who knows if Bob Myers will do any better but it's good to see the last of the old guard out.

Jeremy Lin - NBA starter?

That's the line score for Jeremy Lin from tonight's Jazz-Knicks game.  The ex-Warriors point guard is having a great two game stretch for the Knicks and it's great to see him flourishing.  But before we crown him an elite point guard (or even a good one), let's give him a few more games.  Here's hoping the last couple of games is the start of something and not just a fluke.