Why fanboys should not dismiss the latest Android versus iPhone numbers

Wait, So 20 Phones On 4 Carriers Outsold 1 Phone On 1 Carrier? Shocking.

I love MG Siegler's style of writing. A little snippy with a large dose of fanboy mixed in. Don't get me wrong, I like Apple products probably as much as he does. The only difference is that I'm looking at the numbers that were released today regarding smartphone market share not with disdain but with a general sense of dread and optimism mixed in.

Make no mistake, Android is on the rise. Though I think they make an inferior phone, they are successfully encroaching on Apple's market share. Remember what happened when a supposedly inferior product started encroaching on Apple's market share back in the early 90's? Apple can't turn a blind eye to this and I don't think they are (though I think the fanboys are). My hope is that Apple sees this as a huge threat and decides to do something about it - like say release the iPhone on other carriers. That's why I feel some optimism about the news. If it pushes Apple to make a better product or more carrier relationships then it only benefits me, the consumer.