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New iPhone, iOS6, etc.

Can't believe it's been two months since I last posted.  Things got busy, I got lazy, etc.  But lots of things coming up so felt it was a good time to get back on the saddle...

According to UPS, my new iPhone 5 arrives by 10:30am tomorrow.  Should be sweet.  

The biggest thing I'm looking forward to?  64GB of memory since I've got about 1.5GB left on my 32GB iPhone 4S (damn baby pictures/videos).

I've been reading about a ton of backlash with iOS6, especially maps.  I think this is great!  When everyone is constantly patting you on the back, you get complacent.  I even think all the success coming from the Android camp is welcome because it forces Apple to be better.  Competition helps everyone.  On a side note, I think the iOS6 maps aren't as bad as everyone makes it out to be.  Sure, there are some warped looking satellite images but I don't rely on that as much as I do the turn-by-turn directions which though aren't perfect, don't seem to be any worse than apps like Waze or TomTom.  I've gotten plenty of wrong directions from those guys.  Plus it's free and Apple will make it better.  I've been using the iOS6 developer beta for a couple of months now and trust me, after a few months of usage, you do get used to the maps.  The only glaring exception is Street View which I liked.  If Google decides to release a new Maps app for iOS, I'll probably download it.  If they decide to give it turn-by-turn directions, I'll probably use it over the Apple Maps app.  Outside of that and the occasional need to use Street View, I'll be using Apple's Map app most of the time as I'm sure most people will.

Windows Phone actually looks good ... No for real!

The good folks at Microsoft have built a great demo site to demonstrate the experience of Windows Phone. I have to admit, it looks very slick. Of course, using it in real life situations is another thing all together but so far things seem to work really well. One thing that always irked me about some versions of Android was that it felt clumsy and sluggish. Almost as if scrolling and smoothness were an after thought. Windows Mobile seems to have nailed the scrolling and smoothness factor for me. I don't know if I'd switch but I'm more likely to jump to something like this than Android. Direct link to the demo is below. Best viewed in a mobile browser.

Why can't Microsoft or Google just build a really really really great phone? Software isn't enough.

Windows Phone 7 or WinPho7 (sounds like a tech noodle restaurant) launched today. A definite step up from Windows Mobile but still not enough to make people jump from Android or iPhone. Microsoft is definitely looking for the portion of the population that hasn't made the move to a smartphone yet but unfortunately for them, so is Google and Apple.

What gives me pause about this phone is not the interface. I haven't played with one yet but it looks intuitive and has some innovative features. My issue is the hardware which interestingly enough comes from the same manufacturers of Android phones. Samsung, LG, HTC, etc. just don't make amazing phones. They all make good phones but nothing earth shattering which is what it'll take to overtake the likes of Apple. Every Android phone I've held feels cheap, big, clunky, etc. It'll probably be the same with the new WinPho7 models. The bad part is that because the operating systems need to support multiple models, there will be compromises made to the least common denominator. A recipe for making a mediocre product.

Microsoft and Google have more than enough resources to throw at great industrial design. If this is truly a key market for them then they need to develop their own phone. The money is not in software alone. Google gives away the operating system and makes money on app sales and ads. Microsoft will most likely charge a nominal licensing fee for a WinPho7 license. Apple makes nearly 60% in gross margins on the iPhone because of hardware and software. That's about $300+ per iPhone but it's not all about the money - it's about building a phone that will blow away the competition.

Why fanboys should not dismiss the latest Android versus iPhone numbers

Wait, So 20 Phones On 4 Carriers Outsold 1 Phone On 1 Carrier? Shocking.

I love MG Siegler's style of writing. A little snippy with a large dose of fanboy mixed in. Don't get me wrong, I like Apple products probably as much as he does. The only difference is that I'm looking at the numbers that were released today regarding smartphone market share not with disdain but with a general sense of dread and optimism mixed in.

Make no mistake, Android is on the rise. Though I think they make an inferior phone, they are successfully encroaching on Apple's market share. Remember what happened when a supposedly inferior product started encroaching on Apple's market share back in the early 90's? Apple can't turn a blind eye to this and I don't think they are (though I think the fanboys are). My hope is that Apple sees this as a huge threat and decides to do something about it - like say release the iPhone on other carriers. That's why I feel some optimism about the news. If it pushes Apple to make a better product or more carrier relationships then it only benefits me, the consumer.

Polish versus Raw Power - iPhone and Android

So this was announced today...

Over the weekend, I saw a bunch of ads for the Droid phone from Verizon. It seems their main selling point was how more powerful the phone was and they are correct. It will always be the case that Android phones will always have the latest and greatest hardware, just like with most Windows laptops. Apple will never make devices with the fastest processors, the most RAM, the hardware latest innovations. What Apple has made a very calculated decision on is they would rather have a more polished product than one with the best specs. They weren't the first with a front facing camera but I bet mobile video chat will explode because of their implementation and not any one else's that came first. Same thing with multi-tasking. Not the first, but a more smooth integration.

For a long time there was this pseudo arms race in the tech industry of who could cram the most transistors on a chip or the most pixels on a screen or crank up a few more Mhz from a CPU. I think we've gotten to a point where the vast majority of us have way too much horsepower in our devices. Now the question is who will use that horsepower in a way that appeals to us. Apple seems to be leading in that sense... for the time being.