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New Plex iPhone App is amazing

Finally got the port forwarding to work.  Below is a video I shot on my wife's 3GS of the Plex iPhone app running on my iPhone 4.  It's streaming my media library over my local wifi.  Quality is unreal and the 3GS video capture does not do the actual video playback justice.  After a little caching time, it plays back flawlessly with HD clarity.  The next test will be to see how it streams over wifi outside of my home network.

Once I have a little more time, I'll do a new Mac Mini home theater setup with the new Plex 9.

Is a phone really that important?

This is the Top News Stories section from My Yahoo start page. The first 4 stories seem quite appropriate for this section. These are important news stories that have real life altering impact to many people. The 5th story is just absurd. Honestly people, it's just a damn phone. People are dying in the world and the Gulf of Mexico is a disaster zone. Those are important stories. Whether a phone loses cellular signal just doesn't really seem that important in the grand scheme of things. Granted, Apple brings a lot of this upon themselves with the way they handle PR but I would hope that the powers that be that shape and deliver our news would have elected to push a story like this to Page 2. But in the ever growing chase for eyeballs, news outlets want to push what brings in the most readers. Who cares that only 3 million iPhone 4's have been sold versus the hundreds of millions of other phones on the market. There's only one thing that people love more than fawning over winners and that's to watch them fall.

For the record, I own an iPhone 4. Haven't had any issues with it - antenna related or otherwise. The damn thing does slip out of my hand more often than the previous model so I'm happy to cash in on my free case courtesy of Steve Jobs. If the outcome of all the hoopla is that I get free stuff, so be it. I just think we all need to gain a little perspective of what's truly newsworthy.

NBA Draft

I spent most of the day dealing with work and iPhone 4 pick up so didn't have much time to do my usual NBA Draft research. This year's draft seemed a little ho-hum. Besides Wall and Turner, there wasn't much in terms of sure fire pro talent. Favors and Cousins have potential to be great but also could turn out to be the next Tyrus Thomas and Eddy Curry. Wesley Johnson is somewhere between Rudy Gay and Corey Brewer. In other words, either slightly above or slightly below average.

As for the Warriors' pick, Ekpe Udoh at #6, I can't really get too excited one way or the other. There's no one picked after him I thought was better and he does fill very specific needs - defense, rebounding and shot blocking. He won't be asked to score much (which he can't) and can learn behind Randolph and Wright. In the end he was a safe pick in a weak draft with no real upside but no big downside either. The W's weren't going to find salvation in the draft any way. The bigger impact will be when the team is sold to a better owner who has a different philosophy than current management's "break-even" mind set.

iPhone 4 is niiiiiiiiice

Picked up my iPhone 4 today. Have to say, it does live up to the hype. Gorgeous screen and a solid feeling in your hand (that's what she said). I haven't encountered the two major flaws that have been reported - the antenna hand block issue or the yellow spot on the screen. Guess I'm lucky in that respect.

Photos with flash are really nice. Not great but waaaaaaay better than on the 3GS in low light situations. Haven't done HD video yet but will post some examples when I do.

(with flash)

(without flash)