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NBA Rumor - Lamar Odom to Golden State? No way it happens...

There really isn't a perfect spot for a player like Lamar Odom, who is buried under a mountain of turmoil and mental anguish, but he could do a whole lot worse than the Golden State Warriors.

This is a rumor circulating about Odom coming to the Warriors next year for the mid-level exception. First off, he'll get better offers once his contract is bought out by the Mavs. Secondly, he'll want to play for an immediate contender. Third, he'll want to be in LA where his wife is and his reality show is based. However, it won't be with the Lakers. My guess is there's too much bad blood. The obvious choice is the Clippers (whom it played for years ago). They are the glamorous franchise now with Griffin and Paul. I could see Odom coming off the bench and having a positive impact. Plus he'll get to stick it to the Lakers four times a year in their own backyard.

Forget what I said earlier about Warriors trades...

In his first start of the season, Udoh had a career-high 19 points to go with eight rebounds and led the Warriors past the Los Angeles Clippers 104-97 on Monday night.

One game does not make a trend. But man, what a game. Ekpe Udoh's first start of the season was an eye opener and he did it against legit big men. Going up against Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan (ironically, the big man the Warriors went after in the pre-season) and occasionally Kenyon Martin, Udoh held his own. More than anything he looked gassed because he's usually playing reserve minutes. Here's hoping he gets another start and can build on this.

Watching the NBA Draft Lottery

Not much to say. Some interesting stats from Tim Kawakami's article:
Warriors chances of moving to 1, 2 or 3…………….. 15%
Warriors chances of getting knocked to 8 or 9……. 5.7%
Warriors chances of staying at 7……………………….. 79.3%
Some mock drafts have the Warriors picking Brandon Jennings at #7. Nothing wrong with that as they need a play maker. I'm not necessarily sold on Ricky Rubio so Jennings is as good a pick as any. I'd rather have Blake Griffin though.