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Mets deal Angel Pagan to Giants

This one's kind of a head scratcher. I don't mind Pagan for Torres since they're both very similar (maybe Pagan is slightly better?). However, throwing in Ramon Ramirez seems like too much. One of the anchors in the great Giants bullpen, Ramirez even filled in for Brian Wilson as the closer on occasion. I just hope Sabean knows something we don't know because it looks like Pagan is your 4th or 5th outfielder, at best.

Opening Day ... Giants Win!

Back when I worked in SF, I used to attend a lot of San Francisco Giants games. I worked in SOMA and used to take a few hours off to see the afternoon games or head to the park straight from work for the evening games. Then I left the working world to do the start-up thing (ie, no time and no money), the Giants started to go down hill post-Bonds, and the invention of the Slingbox have made for a confluence of excuses not to attend live games. Today's game should give a lot of Giants fans hope for this year. A ton of good, young, home grown players alongside some decent veterans might make this the best Giants team we've seen in at least 5 years. It's hard to tell from my Slingbox screenshot but that's a 100mph fastball from Brian Wilson to end the game. Not sure I get his pharaoh's end of game pose though.