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Mets deal Angel Pagan to Giants

This one's kind of a head scratcher. I don't mind Pagan for Torres since they're both very similar (maybe Pagan is slightly better?). However, throwing in Ramon Ramirez seems like too much. One of the anchors in the great Giants bullpen, Ramirez even filled in for Brian Wilson as the closer on occasion. I just hope Sabean knows something we don't know because it looks like Pagan is your 4th or 5th outfielder, at best.

Royals send OF Cabrera to Giants for LHP Sanchez

The Royals traded outfielder Melky Cabrera to the San Francisco Giants for left-hander Jonathan Sanchez on Monday...

Would have rather seen Zito go but that's plain crazy. Still, Sanchez was slowly losing favor among the Giants fan base with injuries and erratic performances. Not sure how much Cabrera has left in the tank but the Giants can use any bats to improve their last place offense. Assuming, the Giants lose Beltran, this would at least allow their line-up to remain somewhat level. Not sure what it means for Cody Ross but he has been up and down this year as well.