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NBA Draft

I spent most of the day dealing with work and iPhone 4 pick up so didn't have much time to do my usual NBA Draft research. This year's draft seemed a little ho-hum. Besides Wall and Turner, there wasn't much in terms of sure fire pro talent. Favors and Cousins have potential to be great but also could turn out to be the next Tyrus Thomas and Eddy Curry. Wesley Johnson is somewhere between Rudy Gay and Corey Brewer. In other words, either slightly above or slightly below average.

As for the Warriors' pick, Ekpe Udoh at #6, I can't really get too excited one way or the other. There's no one picked after him I thought was better and he does fill very specific needs - defense, rebounding and shot blocking. He won't be asked to score much (which he can't) and can learn behind Randolph and Wright. In the end he was a safe pick in a weak draft with no real upside but no big downside either. The W's weren't going to find salvation in the draft any way. The bigger impact will be when the team is sold to a better owner who has a different philosophy than current management's "break-even" mind set.

W's get hosed, but not that big of a big deal

Lottery is over and the Warriors got a little hosed dropping from a projected 4th pick to the 6th pick. Fittingly, Washington won the lottery as the late Abe Pollin's wife represented them, wearing her husband's 1978 championship ring for luck.

So what does the 6th pick translate to? Most boards have the following players rotating between the 4-6 spots - Wesley Johnson (SF), Greg Monroe (C), or DeMarcus Cousins (PF/C). Good thing is that all these players fill needs for the Warriors. The biggest issues they had (besides injuries) were rebounding and a solid post up player. Monroe and Cousins will provide solid rebounding with Cousins being the slightly better offensive player. Johnson is more of a wing player who can rebound so would be less of a fit for the team. Like last year, I don't have a ton of expectations for the pick but would prefer Cousins, but what do I know. I wanted Jordan Hill over Stephen Curry...