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Glad to be home

The past few days were pretty rough food-wise as we didn't have time to really explore the cities we were in (Baltimore and San Diego). Every meal was pretty much based on what was open late at night (when we usually arrived) and/or what was in the immediate vicinity of where we were at. My flight from San Diego landed in Oakland at 2:45pm and the first thing I did was get a bowl of noodles. Ahhh...

Off the veggie ... this is what I've been waiting for!

I recently got off veggie (had a couple of make-good days). One of the first places I headed to was Vien Huong in Oakland. After reading fellow Posterous-er Maggie Cheung's post about ramen, I was seriously craving noodles. My comment on Maggie's blog was that I'm still looking for a good ramen place in the Bay Area. However, for hu tieu (or ho fun for my Chinese readers), I stopped looking about 25-30 years ago. This was the place that my parents took me when I was a kid, this was the place I cut class and took BART all the way from El Cerrito for, this was the place I took dates to and if I noticed they didn't want to eat here more than once week I quickly dropped, this is the place my wife and I eat at most frequently, and this is the place I'll take my future children to eat every weekend. I won't go into detail regarding the food. Suffice it to say, it's good and I pretty much never eat hu tieu anywhere else save at my mom's. And lest you think I've overhyped the place and you end up going there and feel disappointed, that's ok. That means you won't come back and they'll be less of a wait for us regulars. If you do go, it's light on service and cash only.