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My 2 cents regarding why teens don't use Twitter. Plus why I'm the worst customer for Facebook.

A few articles came out today re: why teens don't use Twitter. You can read the articles for yourself and I think they raise some valid points. Most of the folks I follow (and who follow me) on Twitter are people of my age group or older. I only have a handful of people in their teens or early 20's category who I follow and vice versa - all of which are family. My own humble opinion on why teens don't use Twitter? They just don't have the bandwidth (mental not data) to deal with yet another social network. Facebook (and before them MySpace) came on the scene before Twitter and people jumped in and love it. I know people who spend hours a day on Facebook. Adding another social networking site that somewhat does the same thing is just extraneous.
Now, for the second part regarding why I think I'm the worst customer for Facebook. I post to Facebook often via Posterous. That means I'm posting updates, pictures, videos, etc. However, I rarely actually go to Facebook (about once a month, maybe). All that media takes up space and when people view it, that takes up bandwidth. But I've never clicked on a Facebook ad once and it's probably looking like I won't any time soon. I don't "interact" with the service in a way that might derive revenue for them. Who knows, maybe they've baked people like me into their model but I'm sure they would prefer it if I was spending more time on the site itself.

I'm fried ... plus Peek Pronto arrives

As we're getting ready for the Finovate 2009 show next Tuesday, we're all in mad rush mode to get final features into the system. Was up until almost 4am last night and got into the office a little after 10am. Suffice it to say, I'm dragging right now. We're making good progress and I'm excited to see how we'll be received when we present at the show.
I'm taking a little break from work to play around with the Peek Pronto I won in the Posterous contest a couple of weeks back. First impressions are that it's a very well put together device. Very sleek and compact. Super light and the keyboard is very well made. Also, the screen resolution looks much better than I anticipated. This is going to be my wife's device since I already have my iPhone. I just hope she puts it to good use. Thanks again to the guys over at Posterous for choosing me and to Jeremy Downs at Peek for sending this out!

Off the veggie ... this is what I've been waiting for!

I recently got off veggie (had a couple of make-good days). One of the first places I headed to was Vien Huong in Oakland. After reading fellow Posterous-er Maggie Cheung's post about ramen, I was seriously craving noodles. My comment on Maggie's blog was that I'm still looking for a good ramen place in the Bay Area. However, for hu tieu (or ho fun for my Chinese readers), I stopped looking about 25-30 years ago. This was the place that my parents took me when I was a kid, this was the place I cut class and took BART all the way from El Cerrito for, this was the place I took dates to and if I noticed they didn't want to eat here more than once week I quickly dropped, this is the place my wife and I eat at most frequently, and this is the place I'll take my future children to eat every weekend. I won't go into detail regarding the food. Suffice it to say, it's good and I pretty much never eat hu tieu anywhere else save at my mom's. And lest you think I've overhyped the place and you end up going there and feel disappointed, that's ok. That means you won't come back and they'll be less of a wait for us regulars. If you do go, it's light on service and cash only.