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Some color on Color ... don't hate, just appreciate. #Color

Lots of backlash regarding the news that Color got a $41M funding for a pre-launch product in a very crowded space. I am somewhat biased in that two of the founders are Vietnamese and I always root for my peeps. The app itself is slick and well put together. Actual true utility won't come until there is mass adoption which will take time (hence the 41M bones). And don't hate because they were able to get $41M. If nothing, that's a testament to how great a team they have that a bunch of VCs would give them that much money with ZERO adoption. Let's judge them in 3 months, 6 months, a year from now. If they still don't have the adoption then let the hate rain down.

Finally, a real reason to buy the iPad

Curse you Reed Hastings. I was not planning on buying an iPad... AT ALL. Didn't see the need. Not quite a laptop, not quite as portable as the iPhone. But now Netflix had to go and ruin it for me. I will not be one of the fan boys lined up this Saturday to buy an iPad but it seems inevitable that I will buy one within the next year. Being able to watch my entire Netflix streaming library? Check. Add to that the soon to be released Slingbox app for the iPad? Check and mate. All the other junk like maps, email, web browsing, etc. are just nice add-ons to these two killer apps. You're an asshole Steve Jobs for making me buy your shit.